Property Development Finance From EuroGuide – How We Can Help You…

development finance imageWhen it comes to development projects, consulting experts in the field can be a huge advantage. Another advantage that developers should utilize is seeking the best possible organization to help acquire funding for their project. Whatever kind of project is being done, whether it is commercial, residential, renovation, new building, or conversion, EuroGuide is available to help with a variety of different developments.

Assistance With Sale Or Letting…

Our financing experts can even help let or sell the property being developed and our whole of market group can help to refinance the property once the project is complete.

EuroGuide understands the needs of all types of developers in the ever-changing marketplace. Our organization has developed the knowledge and expertise needed to truly help individuals with their unique development project needs. Not only does our organization offer quick, flexible and reliable financing, we also have access to exclusive funding lines that are not available to the public.

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Our team has developed relationships with forward-thinking lenders who are willing to fund these types of projects. We deliver on our solutions – it is just that simple.

Funding Your Property Development Projects

We have cultivated relationships with a group of reputable lenders and has secured exclusive financing deals for our clients. This makes it easier and less stressful for experienced developers to find and secure funding for their projects.  Some of the key features of our lending process includes financing that is available throughout the United Kingdom, funds that are released quickly (usually within 14 days), a minimum loan of £50K, and no maximum loan amount.

Additionally, our lenders offer competitive pricing and additional borrowing if it is needed during the life of the project.

When applying for financing, it is important to have some information available for review. In order to quickly process and expedite a request, information such as background and track record of the developer, financing amount, costs of project, end value, timeline of project, planning documents, Assets and Liability statement, account information, building regulation documents, and personal identification should all be available for evaluation if needed.

This information will help our team of lenders determine which financing deals are available for a specific project.

For New Developers

Aside from financing development projects, we can also assist with shaping and planning a project to make it an attractive investment for lenders. Our knowledgeable experts can help to minimize risk and increase the profitability of a project before requesting financing. For new developers, low loan to value, or LTV, is vitally important when making a financing request.

This can be achieved by showing that sufficient funds are available or by showing land ownership. It is also important to developers with little to no experience to seek assistance from industry professionals to support their project.

Recruiting the help and knowledge of a project manager, architect or qualified surveyor can help the validity of any development project, especially for those individuals just starting out in the industry. It is also important to look for a fixed price contractor – this is an organization that will agree to do the work required for the project for one set price, helping to avoid any unforeseen expenses down the road, which is very attractive to potential lenders and can help secure better funding.

By having these resources in place, a new developer has a better chance of getting the financing needed for the project.

In order to properly asses a new project from a new developer, there is some important information that will need to be provided – this will help the team at EuroGuide thoroughly understand the project and be able to make educated decisions about financing.

Some of the details required include current value or purchase price of property that is owned, expected end value of the project, breakdown of all costs, contingency plan, timeline of the project, building regulations, planning permission documentation, and any details associated with Section 106 or planning restrictions of applicable.

For Developers with Adverse Credit

In addition to helping new developers with first projects, we can also help developers who are dealing with credit issues. Our organization will consider applications from developers who may have missed payments, discharged bankruptcy, or CCJs.

Financing and assistance in these circumstances will cover projects such as conversions, renovations, and new builds. In addition, we can arrange financing that will account for 40 to 50 percent of the project’s end value as well as 100 percent of the build costs when the loan is less than 50 percent of the GDV or Gross Development Value.

Financing for developers with adverse credit has some additional key features as well. Loans can range from £50,000 to £250,000 with a traditional term of up to nine months. These funds can still be released quickly, much like financing provided to individuals under normal circumstances – our funding release usually takes around 14 days.

Lending is also available for plots of land as long as the loan stays within 50 percent of the Gross Development Value. Finally, it is important to note that applicants with adverse credit will be held to 1st Charge lending only.

Starting a new project can sometimes be stressful for developers – making sure the plans are correct, having the proper permissions and permits as well as contracting companies to do the work is, well, a lot of work. By properly planning ahead, developers can have a much easier time when it comes to financing the project.

Lenders are more likely to provide funding for developers who have properly planned their projects and those who have chosen to work with reputable financing organizations such as EuroGuide.

When it comes to funding property development projects, EuroGuide has the team, expertise, and knowledge needed to assist developers in the changing and growing marketplace. We pride ourselves on considering all projects for financing as well as supporting all types of developers.

Our team has the track record and relationships development professionals need to secure the best possible funding and even exclusive deals for their clients. When it comes down to it, EuroGuide’s speed, reliability, and flexibility makes our organization an excellent choice when financing your next development project.